Residential Cleaning Checklist


icon-diamond-bullet Clean refrigerator exterior, including handles, ice/water dispenser
icon-diamond-bullet Clean stove exterior (top and front), including handle(s)
icon-diamond-bullet Clean dishwasher exterior, including handle
icon-diamond-bullet Clean microwave exterior, including handle
icon-diamond-bullet Wipe down small appliances, such as toaster, blender, coffee maker, etc.
icon-diamond-bullet Spot clean cabinet exteriors, faces and doors
icon-diamond-bullet Clean and sanitize all countertops surfaces
icon-diamond-bullet Clean and sanitize all sink and faucets
icon-diamond-bullet Clean windowsills
icon-diamond-bullet Empty the trash container
icon-diamond-bullet Wipe down the trash container
icon-diamond-bullet Rinse, wipeout and disinfect the inside of trash container
icon-diamond-bullet Replace trash container liner
icon-diamond-bullet Vacuum, and/or mop floor
icon-diamond-bullet Clean table and chairs
icon-diamond-bullet Baseboard dusting
icon-diamond-bullet Clean light switches (within reach)
icon-diamond-bullet Unload dishwasher (if requested by client)
icon-diamond-bullet Load dishwasher if any dishes are in sink (if requested by client) or if there 1 or 2 items, we can wash by hand and put away


icon-diamond-bullet Wipe down table, and chairs
icon-diamond-bullet Dust furniture, artwork, etc.
icon-diamond-bullet Dust all lampshades, and light fixtures
icon-diamond-bullet Vacuum, and/or mop floor


icon-diamond-bullet Dust furniture, artwork, tops/sides of TV, bookshelves, etc.
icon-diamond-bullet Straighten up pillows, throw rugs, etc.
icon-diamond-bullet Clean light switches (within reach)
icon-diamond-bullet Dust all lampshades, light fixtures, and ceiling fans
icon-diamond-bullet Pick-up clothes and place in laundry room
icon-diamond-bullet Vacuum curtains
icon-diamond-bullet Vacuum, and/or mop floor
icon-diamond-bullet Baseboard dusting


icon-diamond-bullet Change bed linens and make bed “please leave fresh linens”
icon-diamond-bullet Dust light fixtures (within reach)
icon-diamond-bullet Vacuum floor, carpet and under bed and furniture
icon-diamond-bullet Sweep, and mop floors
icon-diamond-bullet Empty wastebasket
icon-diamond-bullet Replace liner in wastebasket
icon-diamond-bullet Polish mirrors (within reach)
icon-diamond-bullet Dust around pictures on walls
icon-diamond-bullet Dust furniture, bed boards, and any other specified areas.
icon-diamond-bullet Dust window sills
icon-diamond-bullet Dust all lampshades, light fixtures, and ceiling fans
icon-diamond-bullet Dust under counters and cabinets
icon-diamond-bullet Dust radiators
icon-diamond-bullet Spot vacuum the curtains and blinds
icon-diamond-bullet Carry dirty linens to laundry room


icon-diamond-bullet Clean and sanitized toilet (internal & external)
icon-diamond-bullet Clean and sanitized countertops
icon-diamond-bullet Clean and sanitized sinks
icon-diamond-bullet Clean and sanitized tubs, and showers
icon-diamond-bullet Mop/vacuum the floor
icon-diamond-bullet Spot clean cabinet exteriors
icon-diamond-bullet Spot clean doors and doorknobs
icon-diamond-bullet Empty wastebasket
icon-diamond-bullet Replace liner in wastebasket
icon-diamond-bullet Polish all mirrors (within reach)
icon-diamond-bullet Dust blinds
icon-diamond-bullet Spot vacuum curtains
icon-diamond-bullet Dust light fixtures within reach
icon-diamond-bullet Carry dirty laundry to laundry room


icon-diamond-bullet Vacuum and/or mop steps
icon-diamond-bullet Dust baseboards, handrail, and edges

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